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Mysterious fortune teller. (hat hair is bad luck)

Free Language Upgrades (silence is golden/what did you say?/puberty hit!)

Meltdown (Ice cream grows on trees)

His weapons

His cane: helps him transform (just like in Sailor Moon, sparkles and all). He can't be 'The Man of 256 Faces' without a disguise!
Smoke bombs: to GTFO


May. 21st, 2010 11:59 pm
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Name: Gakupo Kamui
Age: Unknown to everyone but him (25)
Gender: Male
Canon taken from: The Detective Loupe, Farewell, The Man of 256 Faces (lyrics) and Stray Girl in her Lenses (loosely from this as it ties into the first)

Personality traits: Manipulative, elusive, determined, intelligent to the point of assuming he knows all and hates being wrong. He can also be loving, caring and protective when it comes to family. But these latter traits do help in his other role. No matter which role he's in, Gakupo is always polite. Gakupo does enjoy others relying on him for guidance, although it is simply out of natural habit as those that knew him in school would come to him for assistance in their studies. He enjoyed being a tutor, and it kind of inflated his ego.

- Gakupo loves mysteries, and thoroughly enjoys providing them to the youthful detective, Len. He'll go through any means to trip up the boy genius. Steal, lie, manipulate, you name it!

- His distinguishing feature is the eye glasses he wears. The purple hair is obviously distinguishing. Does it really need mentioning?

- Gakupo and Len were once classmates, but Len was always just a few points ahead of him. They had the top two highest grade point averages in their school. They were friendly rivals in their school years, but Gakupo would always hold animosity towards Len and vowed to best him at what they were good at: mysteries.

- He is also the caretaker/assistant to Rin. Taking on a dual role would inevitably throw off any trails of him being the mastermind of these mysteries! He does hold a soft spot for her. She reminded him of his sister... (might change this later if needed!)

-He gave 3D glasses to his younger sister, Gumi. She doesn't know he's Mr. 256.

IC Voice

[A laptop glowed softly in the dim room as his latest plan for the little genius was laid out in detail. It was one of his best plans yet! He had the henchmen to help steal a certain magnifying glass that once belong to a great creator of their world centuries ago. The historical object was encased in a museum, and was deftly whisked away by his little puppets. Oh, how he loved having them do his bidding!

The item was currently hidden in a place no one would think of: a Happy Meal. This month had a theme of a certain child detective. (No, not Len.) There would be only a few clues to follow

Gakupo chuckled darkly, his usual red glasses off his face as he was currently toying with them during his review of his plans.]
Dearest Len, you grew up so fast, so quickly.

Too quickly.

It will be your downfall.

[Humms softly with a Cheshire-like smirk.] Even if this plan fails, I have my trump card.

[There was a picture of him with Rin, smiling happily, Rin more so than him. To Rin, Gakupo was calm, cool and collected. How her mind would break to know that this person she trusted since she was a child was the same person who proudly wore those red frames Len was chasing after?]

Perhaps I am the greatest mystery.


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